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Top five reasons why you should hire a professional for your Social Media Management

Top five reasons why you should hire a professional for your Social Media Management

By now, you have undoubtedly heard that you need to pay attention to your small business’s social media profiles. As an entrepreneur, it is of vital importance that you stay on top of developments in technology and communications in order to ensure that you are reaching your target demographic and keeping abreast of financial opportunities. Social media is more important than ever.
That said, you are probably very busy! When it comes to running a small business, you are often pulled in a thousand directions at any one time, responsible for every aspect of your own success. Taking time away from your quotidian tasks and duties in order to not only manage multiple social media accounts but to learn about how to best utilise them may not be possible. Even if you do manage to spend time creating social media accounts you are throwing your time and energy down the drain if you are not intuitively familiar with how they work.


Hiring a professional for your social media management is smart, and it just makes good sense. Here are our top five reasons why you should hire an expert.


  1. Expertise is worth the money – You don’t try to fix burst water mains (hopefully!) without the help of an plumber; why would you try to make your social media profiles effective without the help of an expert? Social media professionals eat, sleep and breathe social media, and they understand how to make it best work for you and your clientele.
  2. Because it looks easy…. But it’s not! Sure, reconnecting with your school mates is a breeze on Facebook, but implementing a targeted and effective FB ad campaign whilst simultaneously posting to Instagram, engaging clients on Twitter and Snapchatting a new product? That takes skill!
  3. Quality Content is key – It is not enough to simply retweet and follow your prospective clients, you must regularly update your social media accounts with quality, valuable content. This content does not come easily – it requires a specific type of writing, research and SEO (search engine optimisation) knowledge.
  4. Your time is better spent elsewhere – Time is money, says the old credo, and it is more true now than ever! You should be spending your valuable time on what you do best – pleasing your clients and producing your unique products and/ or services. If you spend hours per day trying to navigate the labryrinth of social media, you are wasting your valuable time.
  5. Excellent results – You might spend hours or even days every week on social media, but is it getting results? If not, you only have yourself to blame! Social media professionals know how to get things done and how to get you an excellent ROI for their service cost.


Don’t hesitate – if you have been neglecting your social media, now is the time to get started and hire a professional.

Date published: September 2015
Categories: Online Marketing


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