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If you are selling goods then it’s vital you advertise and sell them online. Our E-commerce websites are packed with tools to help you fully manage your online shop. Product & category management, stock reports, search facilities and SEO tools are just some of the main features you will find on our websites, which are usually found on the more expensive E-commerce sites.

E-commerce Website Design

Our E-commerce websites are so simple to use, there is no need for any coding knowledge as everything is controlled via our secure administration area.


We design and build your shop depending on your requirements and set everything up including your shipping options and your payment gateway.


Once we complete your E-commerce website we schedule a time to demonstrate and give the appropriate staff members training.


Add products and categories
Add Product options such as size and colour
Add product images
Inventory stock control
Order Notification and printable invoices
Shipping options & Payment gateway setup
Delivery status notification
Search engine optimisation (SEO)


E-commerce Product Management

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E-commerce Product Management

All our E-commerce websites have the ability to add/update products and categories; with a few simple steps you will be uploading and managing your online store. When you upload products you will have the ability to enter your product SKU, weight, product title, META Tags for SEO, price, assign categories, upload images that resize automatically, add different attributes, such as colour/size and manage stock inventory.


Manage Products & Categories
Product SKU’s
Assign Categories
Upload products
Stock Management

E-commerce Online Product Reviews

Product reviews are essential for all E-commerce websites today! Your customers will have the ability to leave a review for their purchased product, the system will notify the store manager and then they can publish the review to the live site. Customer reviews are one of the best-researched and supported ways to improve the credibility of your store and drive up revenue and conversions.


Advantages of using reviews:
Building Trust & Credibility
Increase Sales
Search Engine (SEO) Benefits (product review enhancement in Google)

E-commerce Coupon & Discount Codes

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E-commerce Coupon & Discount Codes

Offering coupons and discount codes should play a major role in your marketing strategy. Everyone loves a bargain, or likes to think they’re getting one, so coupon codes (or discount codes) can really drive sales.


Our e-commerce website allows you to enter the relevant code and select the value or percentage. You can then set which product or category each code is assigned to and the dates in which they are valid. Using discount codes can give your E-commerce store a real boost.


Benefits of voucher or discount codes:
Easy to share
Incredibly flexible
Increasing average order value
Easy to track

E-commerce Related & Product Recommendations

Using related products, up-sells and cross-sells is so important for E-commerce stores today. Related products are meant to be purchased in addition, for example when buying a torch you might need batteries. Up-sells are products that might be more expensive. Cross-sell items appear in the shopping cart.  When a customer navigates to the shopping cart (this can happen automatically after adding a product, or not), the cross-sells block displays a selection of items marked as cross-sells to the items already in the cart.  They’re a bit like impulse buys – like magazines and confectionary at the cash register at supermarkets.

These features are vital to help generate more business online.


Related Products
Generate more sales

E-commerce Payment & Shipping Integration

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E-commerce Payment & Shipping Integration

Payment Methods
These are just some of the major payment gateways we can integrate to your E-commerce website:




Shipping Methods
You will have the ability to select your shipping method whether based on postcodes, basket weight, fixed price or customer collection.

Order Notifications & Printable Invoices

Each time a new order is placed in your store, the shop sends you an email notification. You can also allow different staff members to receive these email notifications.


Print customisable documents using information from orders. This can be very useful for printing invoices, packing slips and labels.


Order notification
Setup different staff members to receive notifications
Print invoice, packaging slips and labels

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