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Looks Matter – How important is your responsive website’s design?

Looks Matter - How important is your responsive website's design?

It is impossible to overstate how important the design and functionality of your website is when it comes to the first – and twentieth – impression that you are making on your clients.


A sense of style – does it matter?


Have you ever navigated to a Google result and recoiled when you saw its unattractive design? Perhaps the site was bedecked in tacky colours and mismatched fonts, or maybe it looked like it was programmed in the mid 1990s? Worse yet – it could have even been written in comic sans, arguably the most detested font on the planet!


These stylistic faux pas can inspire potential clients to question your taste level and cause them to wonder if you are truly at the top of your field – after all, if you are great at your job, shouldn’t you be in tune to what makes a site looks professional and pleasing to the eye?


Website design matters – and its functionality should not be overlooked


While a garish, outdated or gaudy layout can be a real turn off for potential clients, so too can a clunky or slow website. As important as your site’s artistic design is for your users, its functionality is equally important – if not more. Your site must be responsive.


Responsive web design refers to a design protocol that ensures that your page:


  • Resizes automatically based on the device (iPhone, tablet, other smart phone, laptop, desktop) from which the user is accessing the web
  • Scrolls smoothly no matter what size screen the user is using
  • Allows users to click on tick boxes, fill out data forms and submit payment on all devices


Responsive web design – a step in the right direction


As one of the leading web design agencies in Colchester, Essex, the team here at Studio Link 11 knows how important responsive design can be to small businesses. More than ever, our clients are requesting this functionality, and whenever we are about to design a bespoke website solution for our clients, we ensure that their site can be accessed seamlessly no matter what device their customers are using. It just makes good business sense to make sure that all of our hard work – and our clients’ money – can reach as many people as possible.


Your site should look good, should have uniform, attractive branding and most importantly – it should function no matter who is using it and how they are accessing it.


The team members here at Studio Link Eleven are not the only ones who realise the importance of intuitive, attractive web design – this marriage of esthetics and functionality is quickly becoming standard across the industry – don’t get left behind.

Date published: October 2015
Categories: Website Design


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